KARAMANIS S.A. was founded in 1959 by Vassilios Karamanis. The main activity was the construction and supply of meat minces and band saw throughout partners. Having a market share of 85%, the company has decided its further growth. On that base George Karamanis has empower the company and the company started its own production.

This new activity has focused on the production of peelers, blenders, machines for snitsel, lemon squeezers, coffee machines, coffee kettle, cheese graters, cutting machines hot dog machines. At the same time the company has started to import food processing machines like ham machines and scales.

In 1990 DOMHOTEL was founded by George Karamanis, Julia Karamanis and Panagiotis Kasimatis. The company started to import kitchen utensils and table equipment. At the same time the company continued the enlargement of the variety of other category products. At the end of 1999, the company decided to merge the companies (KARAMCO ΑΕΒΕ, KARAMCO ΕΠΕ and DOMHOTEL) and formed KARAMANIS S.A. in today’s profile.

In 2004 the expansion of activities has lead at the construction of warehouses at the 69th km of the National Road of Athens-Lamia, at Schimatari Viotias. In 2011 KARAMANIS S.A., established a sub department in Iraklio of Crete in cooperation with Myronas Papadakis setting as the main goal, the exclusive distribution of products in the island.

During 50 years of history, KARAMANIS S.A. has illustrated integrated projects in some of the major massive catering units like VAROULKO, FOCACCINO, APACHI CAFE, ARTISTI MACARONI, ALDEMAR HOTELS, ARION, WESTINATHENS, ASTIR PALACE TAVERN, BARAONDA AND DALU. For more details please look at the section “Projects”.



We, in KARAMANIS S.A., implement innovative solutions which ensure that our customers will always be at the peak of evolution.

Our vision is to maintain our growth, as the most specialized company in the field of integrated solutions of massive catering equipments, by offering our customers a wide variety of choices, innovative solutions and excellent support.



Our mission is to become the major company in the field of equipments for mass catering units, by fulfilling our customer’s expectations for:

  • High quality
  • Innovative technology
  • Innovation
  • Reliability and
  • Exceptional service



Since our foundation, we systematically invest in our human resources and partners. We continuously invest in a strong team of people with experience and invest in the creation of a powerful team of specialized partners who add value to our abilities.

Our success is based on our commitment for quality and innovation and we never skip of those fundamental principles, like consistency, teamwork and knowhow.



Since 1959 KARAMANIS S.A. combines the construction and import of machinery and high demand equipments. Based on high expertise and major suppliers of the European and International market, the company offers the wider variety of products for any kind of catering units.

All company’s products are accredited by the International standards CE and ISO and are suitable for using in areas which are or will operate according to the ISO 22000:HACCP hygiene system.

Today, KARAMANIS S.A. has the wider variety of products from top international factories which are supplied at the Greek market.



In KARAMANIS S.A. we offer something more than products, machinery, equipments or consumables. We offer integrated solutions, consisting of products of top companies which are accompanied by designing services, excellent service and technical support.

Our goal is to make your dream comes true, so you can then create the area you have dreamed and designed.

Our specialized department of Plan, Design and integrated solutions offers you – in cooperation with our partners - anything you need in order to create your area, wherever in the Greek dominion.




KARAMANIS S.A. offers products, services and integrated solutions for a wide variety of mass catering units of any activity and size:


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Chains of Restaurants
  • Café
  • Snack-bars
  • Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Institutes
  • Super Markets
  • Catering
  • Mini markets
  • Butchery
  • Bakeries
  • Pastry shops
  • and many more


Our selected partners all over Greece, in cooperation with our specified technical support department and the wide variety of equipments, secure the high level of service and technical support provided.

We support you TIMELY and PROPERLY.



For all of us in KARAMANIS S.A., quality is incorporating with the satisfaction of our customer’s demands, in all levels. Since 1959 quality is our first priority, this is the reason why we have systematically invested to Quality Control Systems which cover our constructive as well as our importing activity.

In KARAMANIS S.A. we choose to offer you only high quality products and services, in order to satisfy you. As a proof of that, we can present our continuing investments in Quality Control Systems:

  • We have been accredited by the European Quality Assurance Institute according to the ISO 9001:2000 for selling, supplying and supporting professional catering equipments (EQA - ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000 - THE SALES, DELIVERY AND SERVICE OF PROFESSIONAL CATERING EQUIPMENT)
  • We have been accredited by the ISO 22000:2005 “Managing food security systems-Demands for the food chain organizations"
  • We have been recognized by the MAY FAIR, an accreditation company for mass catering and food companies (hotels, restaurants, catering) which accredits products, customer service and production quality.
  • KARAMANIS S.A. has been characterized as one of the most powerful and healthy business in Greece, according to the ICAP evaluation “STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE".


Investigation of products secures that all materials, machinery and equipment received fulfills all company’s major quality standards.


We buy first quality materials and reassure that all your demands are covered. All our employees are responsible for the quality control procedures and the guarantee of continuing improvement.


ΛIn KARAMANIS S.A. because of high quality standards, we emphasize in details and final touch, so we are convinced that our project delivered is comparable to our high quality standards and fulfils our customer’s demands.




KARAMANIS S.A. activities:

  • Has been accredited by the European Quality Assurance organisation according to ISO 9001:2000 standard
  • Has been accredited by MAY FAIR, for mass catering and food business
  • Follows the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) – Risk analysis and critical control points.
  • Is aligned to ISO 22000:2005 the first international standard of management systems for food safety.



In KARAMANIS S.A. we offer something more than products, machinery, equipments or consumables. We offer integrated solutions, consisting of products of top companies and are accompanied by designing services, excellent service and technical support. Our goal is to make you dream a reality, so you can then create the area you have dreamed and designed, regardless the kind, size or place you are located.




in KARAMANIS S.A. we offer innovative high quality services for mass catering units of any kind and size. Based on a team of experienced managers, specialized technicians and a network of exceptional partners, we gather under the same roof, everything is needed to support your efforts to succeed, win and distinguished. Our services provide you the support needed to successfully accomplish your demanding project.


Our model of providing services, anticipates everything concerning the 8 points of success:

Interviewing: At this point we are listening your needs, recording your desires and data.
Planning: Based on the data gathered, we are thinking of solutions, in order to properly utilize all available spaces and deliver what you demand.
Equipment selection: We select machinery and equipment needed, in order to satisfy your needs and give you a detailed proposal.
Service mapping: We present our proposals concerning demands that must be fulfilled concerning mechanical requirements.
Constructions: After the approval of our suggestions, we proceed on planning of constructions and implementation.
Implementation: Based on the time schedule agreed, we proceed to installation works.
Operation-Training: After the completion of installation we have a final testing, so the proper operation of machinery and unit to be guaranteed and then training of managers is completed.
Support: The unit is now operating and we are always there by your side, to help you avoid any problem occurred.




Throughout our interview, where we hold the role of listener, enable us to understand your needs, desires and plans and finally your opinions and ideas. In that way, we have all data and details we need to offer you an integrated solution.

Our specified department and experienced executives of KARAMANIS S.A. will present you an integrated product and services portfolio, which will be “matching your needs”. By using SWS, a unique specified designing program in which KARAMANIS S.A. has invested since 2003; we plan accurately and with creativity. Based on the abilities provided by technology, our manager’s knowledge and the wide variety of products, we will present you at least 2 integrated proposals: one based on price (price oriented) and one based on quality (quality first).



Our selected partners all over Greece, in cooperation with our company’s specified department and the wide variety of equipments stored at our owned facilities, secure the high level of service and technical support provided TIMELY and PROPERLY.

Based on out technical support and supplies department which is one of the most key-high priority- company’s activities, we reassure the speed and quality of services and finally reliability.

We continuously invest on training on new technologies, as well as in our technician’s training in new products. We are also continuously informed about topics referring to HAPCC. We always stand besides owners, chefs, architects or decorators, we perceive their plans in depth study and provide solutions based on our product’s variety, our experience, knowhow and high specification.

These factors allow us to complete our projects according to the agreed time schedule and budget.


Implementation isn’t the last stage of our cooperation. At this point we introduce a long term collaboration whose goal is to achieve your smooth operation and uninterrupted services to your customers. After the completion of implementation, a team of properly trained technicians will be in your disposal and offers you immediate repair and machine maintenance. We have mainly committed for on time delivery and shipment of equipments, that’s why we maintain a warehouse with a wide variety of equipments for the products we import.