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Sous vide HACCP Manager

Sous vide HACCP Manager

PolyScience Culinary started the new application of sous vide in gastronomy in 2005.

The new model HydroPro is the unique model which has temperature prode and display the temperature of the food that we are cooking in the heart.

The DELTA cooking archive shorter cooking time and and better cooking results.

The temperature prode allows the recording the data of the cooking process, cooling of the sous vide and complies with the HACCP hygiene rules.

Logs are automatically transferred to the Polyscience HACCP Manager application (on Android and iOS) via Bluetooth. It has a toolbox, an innovative cooking and simplification experience.



Waterproof IPX7 with certificate. Equipped with the Sous Vide Toolbox 2, which simplifies cooking, using scientific algorithms to calculate time to temperature and pasteurization for a wide range of foods. With cooking storage programs and temperature tip for products. Large touch screen that allows easy manual input of cooking time and temperature parameters. With adjustable & detachable clamp. Automatic recording of HACCP procedures. The sous vide tool box is an ideal cooking guide. Simplifies cooking and pasteurization. The sous vide tool box is an ideal cooking guide. Simplifies cooking and pasteurization. With a temperature pin that displays the actual temperature of the product in its heart. (DELTA COOKING) (Cooks food at a higher temperature in the water than the selected one). HACCP Manager: With one application, all files are transferred via bluetooth wherever you want. Multiple timers. For basin: up to 45 liters. Maximum pump output: 17 liters / minute. Maximum temperature 90ºC. Temperature stability: ± 0.1ºC. Heater power: 1450 Watt. Overheating protection. Low level liquid safety.

Model GSV750PSS4EEU1

Dimensions: 147*252*415mm

Power: 1.45Kw/230Volt.

Price: 840€

NOW 580€ (this offer expires 26.2.2021)

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