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Ξυλόφουρνοι PIRA Ισπανίας

Charcoal PIRA ovens New PIRA charcoal ovens has revolutionized in catering. The size and design of the oven, productivity, energy saving and perfect cooking are some of its features. The oven keeps the temperature inside the chamber for hours after extinguished thereby saving energy and money. You can cook all kinds of food, meat, fish…
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Baratin Νεα Φιλαδελφεια

Baratin Νεα Φιλαδελφεια AT Philadelphia area in Athens, opened the coffee bar restaurant BARATIN. Cosy space with minimal decoration, offers cocktails, 100+ wine labels and smart well searched cuisine for all day long. Our company, in order to cover the sophisticated cuisine BARATIN, equipped the warm kitchen and bar with refrigerators. Δείτε περισσότερα
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ANEMOS LUXURY GRAND RESORT Our company CATERQUIP KARAMANIS-PAPADAKIS entrusted the Vantaraki family to open the new 5 star hotel ANEMOS LUXURY GRAND RESORT-CRETE. At the kitchen selected premium devices from European and American factories like RATIONAL, FAGOR, MBM and MANITOWOC. In hall dominate the chafing dishes with induction hob and the action devices SCHOLL. The…
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MENTALEATY With the diligence of the company KARAMANIS, opened in the upcoming neighborhood of Keramikos the Mentaleaty. An initiative of social partnership '' Athena-Elpis '' to help people with psychosocial problems. The cuisine influenced by China, Thailand, Philippines and Polynesia, at affordable prices in a simple and warm environment. Delicious dishes without added flavor enhancers,…
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Sentido Blue Sea hotel In renovation proceeded SENTIDO BLUE SEA HOTEL. With the diligence of the company KARAMANIS and in collaboration with the architect Ms. Rena Spiliotakis, the action area created, around corian surfaces with embedded induction and refrigerated surfaces. See more
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Πρωτοποριακό iιταλικό blast chiller με extra λειτουργίες όπως ξεπάγωμα, μαγείρεμα, blast chilling και λειτουργία σαν στόφα. Δείτε περισσότερα
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